Preliminary Program of the Workshop on Resilient and Secure BPM - Tackling current Frontiers (SecBPM 2013)

Monday, 02 September 2013

1. Müller, Günter (Uni Freiburg): Security and Compliance in BPM

2. Syring, Arnt (Uni Freiburg): MERCOR: Security Requirements Structuring

3. Koslowski, Thomas (Uni Freiburg): Resilient BMP - Status Quo and Challenges

4. Eymann, Torsten (Uni Bayreuth): Requirements and acceptance of secure business processes - first insights from case studies

5. Fenz, Stefan (SBA Research): IT-Security Audits for SMEs

6. Fenz, Stefan (TU Wien): Formalizing Risk- and Compliance-Management

7. Jurisch, Martin (Aristaflow): Demonstration