Conference Venue

ARES 2013 will be held at the University of Regensburg , Germany.

Address of ARES 2013 Conference
Universität Regensburg
Universitätsstraße 31
93053 Regensburg

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Reaching the conference Site:

Ares 2013 will take place at the University of Regensburg which is located outside the downtown district within walking distance.

To get from the main station to the University of Regensburg by foot , cross the railroad tracks via “Galgenbergbrücke” and head south until you reach the University.

If you want to take the bus to the University, the lines 6 (direction "Klinikum") and 11 (direction "Burgweinting") will get you there.  Both lines also stop at the main station. The bus stop in front of the University of Regensburg is called “Universität”. If you arrive by taxi, tell the driver to stop at "Universität Regensburg, Busbahnhof".

alt IMPORTANT Information:

We were just informed that there are going to be some slight changes in the public transportation system of Regensburg, due to road works. These changes concern the busses number 1, 2A/B, 4, 6, 11, 13 and 17 .

However, the bus service between Regensburg Main Station and the University won’t be affected by those changes.

We advise you to ask at your hotel’s reception desk if the bus stop next to your hotel is affected by the changes and which bus stop to use instead.

Please note that the bus stop Bismarckplatz is currently closed in both directions so can’t go there at all by bus. (This only affects you if your hotel is next to Bismarckplatz or if you planned to go there for sightseeing)

Please find the timetables of the affected bus lines here:

Bus line 1 ; Bus line 2AB ; Bus line 4 ; Bus line 6 ; Bus line 10 ; Bus line 11 ; Bus line 13 ; Bus line 17

For further information about timetables and routes of the Public Transportation System of Regensburg please visit the tripplanner ( http://www.bayern-fahrplan.de/auskunft-en/tripplanner ).

Here you can find the online city map of Regensburg.

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Fotos: Universität Regensburg, Referat II/2 – Kommunikation, (1) Axel Roitzsch, (2) Margit Adler